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 ornamental grasses mixed with perennials


Inspiration can be found everywhere, especially in nature. Our approach to landscape architecture is rooted in the belief that as human beings, we crave frequent connection with the natural world - even a small piece of it in our own yard! We strive to give each design a sense of “place” as well as style that is pleasing and feels “right” to our clients.

Plant design is the key to fleshing out the overall look and feel of the landscape.  Plants are selected for their shape, texture, color, size, as well as cultural requirements such as water needs, soil, climate and sun exposure.  Other important considerations in plant selection are habitat and nectar value for pollinators like bees and butterflies, and the environmental sensitivity of the site, which necessitates the use of as many local native plants as possible. 

Paving provides the framework of the design, in terms of movement through the space and visually.  Care is given to selecting materials that will be durable and beautiful for years to come.  Paving choices such as modular pavers impart a modern or contemporary look and feel, whereas natural stone paving can be used effectively with almost any architecture or garden style.  

A fireplace, fire pit or bowl create a warm and inviting atmosphere, as well as a dramatic focal point.

The sound of trickling water, the sight of a pool, a fountain or just a simple stone vessel, are cool and refreshing elements that can evoke a connection with the beach or a nearby stream.